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Where do Drivers get the Most Traffic Tickets in Kentucky?

Kentucky’s driver negligence point system is aligned with many other states. Every driver starts with zero points on their driver’s license, and the total is reviewed every five years. Most people driving in in this state tend to accumulate driving violation points in the state’s major cities. Citations are most often given when drivers are trying to negotiate Kentucky’s complex interstate system.

Kentucky is riddled with interstate roadways that merge with slower-moving rural roads. In Jefferson County alone, there are four major interstates that connect normal-flow driver areas. The majority of Louisville tickets are given near connecting road sections that present incredibly difficult speed requirements for drivers. Though posted speed limits are always present, they are a challenge for anyone making the transition from rural driving. They are also challenging for drivers using a CDL to drive large trucks. In short, law enforcement officers concentrate their resources around places where diverse driver types (i.e., OTR 18-wheel trucks, passenger cars, van, box trucks and pickup trucks) must merge onto difficult roadways.

A Driver's Age is a Factor

Driver age plays a huge role in determining the outcome of a traffic violation. Any driver under the age of eighteen is subject to more-harsh license point tallies. For drivers over the age of eighteen, violation degree is more important.

Speeding violations are categorized loosely into non-reckless and reckless categories. There is a huge difference in entering an interstate at fourteen miles per hour over the speed limit, as opposed to, fifteen miles per hour over. This is very problematic because there is also a flow-of-traffic law in Kentucky. Sometimes, drivers accelerate to merge out of anxiety. They are not necessarily trying to speed. They are only trying to match the pace of vehicles flowing on busy roads. An incredible amount of citations are issued to drivers who are less skilled at matching interstate speeds in proper areas.

Violations of similar character are more detrimental to younger drivers. Lower license points result in the same restrictions and penalties. This almost always results in greater insurance costs. These are also more detrimental to overland truck drivers hauling big loads. Negotiating the interstate system near larger cities can be very confusing. While the posted speed limits are the key factor for police and traffic courts determining penalties, there are other factors that should be considered when enacting measures that go against a driver’s record.

Traffic Violation Hot Spots

In places like Jefferson County, Interstates 64, 264, 65, and 265 are notorious for producing speeding violations. This is due to the frequent necessary switches between city and open highway speed limits. Near cities like Lexington, drivers are often issued tickets because they do not negotiate tight merges onto major roadways.

Northern counties in like Boone, Campbell, Kenton and Grant Counties present major problems to drivers. I-75 and I-275 require extremely radical shifts in driving behavior. In order to properly enter these roadways, drivers must shift from very low speeds to high merging speeds. This is extremely problematic for drivers originating outside of the state and those who are operating trucks with loads while traveling north on I-75 in the approach to Covington and Cincinnati (it goes downhill towards the Ohio River); this highway is like a rollercoaster and many accidents have occurred in this short stretch of I-75 - caution is strongly advised!  Still, the vast majority of driving violations are issued in areas where these interstates connect with municipal, rural, and even residential roadways.

Lexington, which is Fayette County, is another city where I-75 merges for several miles with I-64 that runs east & west. There are several lanes of traffic each direction and this is an easy area to get caught by local police. Frequently, we see one police cruiser using the radar to spot speeding vehicles, while one or 2 other police cruisers chase down the drivers. This is another area where drivers get caught by police or state troopers who "pace" other cars to get a speed of another vehicle.

Finally, Madison, Rockcastle and Laurel counties south of Lexington has lots of police activity on I-75 for drivers going or coming from Tennessee. There are lots of hills along I-75 that make it difficult to maintain the same speed going up versus going down these hills.  OTR truck drivers especially need to be cautious when pulling heavy loads.  These CDL drivers must stay in the slow, outer lanes of traffic or risk being cited on these hills for impeding traffic in the faster, inside lanes.   

Minimizing the Outcomes of Violations

Though Kentucky driving laws are strict, there is one way to make sure that you do not suffer consequences of a speeding ticket or other moving violation.  Experienced traffic law attorneys can make sure that every circumstance surrounding your violation is considered by courts.

Matt Bunch is a lawyer who is able to address the violation concerns of people throughout the entire state. He understands the sometimes conflicting nature of highway system laws. He has been a successful advocate for drivers in Kentucky for more than two decades. No driver violation is a simple matter. The courts must have an accurate understanding of every situation. This is where the talents of an attorney like Matt Bunch become most important.

If you receive a driving violation, never consider it a closed scenario and simply pay the traffic ticket! An attorney like Matt Bunch can make sure your penalties are minimized. His services help ensure driving privileges, security in future trips, and minimal insurance costs. There is no reason to suffer from unneeded penalties. Even if you get a ticket in a “high statistics” area, there are ways to make sure it does not permanently affect your record. Contacting an attorney like Matt Bunch can make this a reality. Chat with Matt to get your ticket resolved at 859-353-6434.

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