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Dash Cam catches other drives in Insurance Scams - classic "Brake Check"!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

This video illustrates the need for using a Dash Cam to prove that you are innocent of negligent driving. Usually, if you hit another car from behind, you are at fault. But, what if another driver dangerously cuts in front of you when there is very little space? AND, then the driver in front of you hits the brakes for no reason? That is the classic "Brake Check" scam to get you to hit the car from behind and be at fault!

There can be many reasons that another driver would do that. First, they may claim that you caused an injury, like whiplash, even if the difference in the speed between your vehicle and the vehicle in front is only a few miles-per-hour (i.e., your vehicle just tapped the other vehicle). Another reason is to make a damage claim against your insurance company. For example, what if the other vehicle has no visible damage to the plastic cover over the bumper but the steel bumper underneath is just dented? The replacement cost of the steel bumper and a small crack in the paint can cost your insurance company $750 or MORE! Guess what? The other driver gets the check from your insurance company, but doesn't fix the car! FREE MONEY for the other driver!

Finally, if you hit the other vehicle from behind and cause the other driver to "spin out" on the road, there can be REAL and SUBSTANTIAL damage to the other car and an injury to the occupants of the other vehicle. The damage makes it look like the other drive could have been banged up pretty good. These injury claims are worth at least a few thousand dollars!

So, this highlights the need for an inexpensive dash cam to prove that the other drive (1) cut in front of you, and (2) tapped the brakes to cause you to hit them. If you don't have a dash cam, there is no proof (as in video footage) that you can show the police officer or your insurance company. These dash cams are an inexpensive defense that can save you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Here is the video link to see how the scam works:

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