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Texting While Driving Attorney in Kentucky

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Matt Bunch is dedicated to defending clients in central Kentucky accused of driving while texting and strives for the best possible outcome for each client.

So, you were driving down the road and heard your cell phone ding. Just a quick glance to see what your friend said. You grab your phone and take a quick look. Sure, it was quick, but in a few seconds, you have travelled a good distance, and just past a police car! Oh, no! This is going to cost you!

“Have you noticed other drivers looking at their cell phones and trying to respond to a text? That is how easy it is for a police officer to spot you Texting-while-Driving traffic violation and issue you a citation. This is a costly mistake!"

Aside from making a personal commitment NOT to do that again, you need to deal with the traffic ticket. Matt Bunch has successfully represented numerous clients with their traffic ticket cases. When you hire Matt Bunch, you benefit from his first-hand knowledge of the traffic laws. Do NOT simply pay the Texting-while-Driving ticket and accept the consequences because this ticket and the points on your drivers license will be on your driving record for many years. You should call Matt Bunch first to get his advice. Every case has facts that are unique to the issuance of the traffic ticket. He will stand by you and fight for your rights to get you the best deal possible, whether it be dismissal, driving school or a lesser charge.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Help You?

Matt Bunch knows the court system in many counties in Kentucky. He can efficiently handle your defense and get it resolved. If you are not a resident of Kentucky, a trip to court to dispute the ticket can be costly and time-consuming. Matt can attend the court hearing on your behalf and save you from the many hours of driving to attend court, a missed day at work, and the aggravation and intimidation of the court process.

Also, most people just pay the ticket and accept the points on their license. But by hiring Matt Bunch to be your advocate, he may be able to keep this ticket from being on your permanent driving record. Dismissals or diversions, such as driving school, are the best outcomes that will keep your insurance company from increasing your vehicle insurance premiums. The savings on increased insurance premiums can be worth more than the cost of the legal fees to defend your citation!

Call Attorney Matt Bunch right after receiving your Texting-while-Driving traffic citation for his good advice and representation. Residents in Kentucky or from out-of-state can depend upon a strategy to defend you that is tailored to your specific circumstances. You Better Chat with Matt for proper legal representation at 859-353-6434 to schedule a free consultation and email him a copy of your traffic citation at Or, click on his booking link to schedule a time on his calendar to talk about your case.

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