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Kentucky Traffic Ticket Attorney


to get your ticket resolved.

Representing clients in courts all over Kentucky (state-wide) for over 25 years, Matt Bunch has worked to defend drivers from traffic tickets and other moving violations on Kentucky highways and roads.  So WHY should you hire a lawyer to defend your traffic ticket?  Because the points on your license are far more costly than the cost of legal fees to defend your citation.   Or, you may live far from the county where you have to appear in court.  Of course, you may have a very reasonable defense to the citation.  Just because you received a citation doesn't mean you are guilty!  TALK WITH MATT! Call him at 859-353-6434 for a quick consultation. Or, schedule a time to talk with Matt using his on-line calendar by clicking the button below.

If you have received a traffic ticket or other type of vehicular citation then you BETTER CHAT WITH MATT to get your ticket resolved. Contact us by calling 859-353-6434 to put the wheels in motion to resolve your traffic ticket (so sorry for that terrible pun!).

Matt Bunch can represent you in ANY county in Kentucky where you received a traffic violation. His office is located in Lexington, Kentucky, but he accepts cases state-wide. Central Kentucky counties include: Anderson, Bath, Boone, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Franklin, Garrard, Grant, Harrison, Jessamine, Laurel, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Menifee, Mercer, Montgomery, Nicholas, Owen, Powell, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Scott, Shelby Whitney, and Woodford.

A portrait of a police officer.

My Rights Under the

United States Constitution

what you should know


I respect you, but my attorney suggests that I ask for your name and badge number. If this traffic stop goes beyond the original reason you stopped me, then I respectfully request a supervisor to be present.

I do NOT consent to any searches.

My lawyer has instructed me NOT to consent to any searches of my property or of my person under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 


I do NOT consent to any search in my home, vehicle or residence without a warrant.  

I choose NOT to answer any questions without first speaking with my lawyer. My lawyer has instructed me not to answer any questions without him being present, and I invoke my right to remain silent under the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


I want to leave. Am I free to go?

If I am not free to leave, my lawyer wants you to articulate specific facts of reasonable suspicion of any illegal activity. If you cannot, then I want to leave without delay. Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968); Brown v. Texas, 443 U.S. 47, 52 (1979); U.S. v. Sokolow 490 U.S. 1 (1989);  Illinois v. Wardlow, 528 U.S. 119 (2000); Florida v. J.L., 529 U.S. 266 (2000)


I choose NOT to take field DUI tests.

My lawyer has instructed me NOT to take any field sobriety tests, like walking in a  straight line or holding my head back and touching my nose with my hand. All such field tests are voluntary, and my refusal cannot be used against me per KRS 189A.100(1). If you request, I will take a Blood Alcohol or Blood Test, but I do not waive any liability and will not sign any release. I request an independent test of my blood at a hospital. 


Officer, I want to contact my attorney before answering any of your questions, and his info is:



Lexington, Kentucky  



"In regards to my daughters case in Fayette County, KY we could not  have hired a more professional attorney to represent her. The process was seamless from the beginning, everything was handled in a timely manner, and communication although we were out of town was no problem. Mr. Bunch turned what could have been a life altering situation, into a simple life lesson.
We are very thankful for his services, and highly recommend him to anyone needing legal council."  - Debra R.
"Matthew Bunch defended my traffic violation case in a very efficient way. He is well connected and knows the field very well. That was a good investment instead of feeding the insurance industry! " - Jurgen R.

"Awesome experience working with Matt - really on top of the case and made life easy for me! Really recommend." - Wyatt M.

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